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How to Get Life Insurance with No Exam

There are countless reasons why you’d be interested in getting life insurance with no exam.

Maybe you’re terrified of doctors. Most life insurance policies require a medical examination, and that includes lab work.

If just the thought of needles is enough to make you feel dizzy, putting yourself through that torture just to get life insurance may not be worth it for you.

Maybe you need health insurance quickly. Regular life insurance can take a while to procure.

Luckily, there are several ways to purchase life insurance without first getting a medical exam.

The easiest and most ideal way is likely through your employer. However, if your employer does not offer health insurance benefits, you may be wondering what other types of exam-free insurance are available for you.

Simplified issue

If you’re looking for life insurance with no exam, simplified issue life insurance may be the way to go. No medical exam is required.

In fact, you may only have to answer a simple questionnaire regarding your general health. The length of this questionnaire varies: some have as little as 3 questions, and others may extend further.

However, simplified issue life insurance only offers about $500,000 on coverage, and that’s the upper limit. This may also change depending on the type of insurance you get.

Whole life insurance policies may offer different amounts than term life insurance, but that’s a trade-off for no exams or medical testing.

Guaranteed acceptance

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is typically available for those aged 45 to 80. It’s also referred to as final expense life insurance.

While the benefits are often slimmer than other types, these benefits are typically used to pay for funeral expenses and burial.

The amount you’ll receive will depend on your carrier. Some may extend to as much as $50,000, while others may only guarantee up to $15,000.

Where to get life insurance with no exam

Getting life insurance without an exam is fairly simple. These policies are very easy to find online.

You can also find them through the post (snail mail), or some insurers may have call centers set up to assist you.

You may even be able to ask your financial adviser what the best option would be for you to find this type of life insurance.

If you’re a member of any hobby groups or alumni associations, those are also fantastic places to start.

In short, if you’re looking for life insurance with no medical exam, don’t stop until you’ve utilized all your resources. You may be surprised at which avenue you’re able to find the best policy through.


If you’re looking to purchase life insurance without a medical exam, the good news is: you’re in luck!

There are options available to those who don’t like seeing the doctor, or whatever your reasoning may be.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind, mainly that the upper limit for coverage will be decreased. Some of these policies are intended as a last resort for senior citizens, to the benefits may not be as high.

However, as with any life insurance policy, finding the right provider and coverage is a personal, complex decision. There’s a provider out there that’s perfect for you and your needs.

If you need help getting life insurance with no exam, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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